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FIT (the Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs/International Federation of Translators) is an international grouping of associations of translators, interpreters and terminologists. More than 100 professional associations are affiliated, representing over 80,000 translators in 55 countries. The goal of the Federation is to promote professionalism in the disciplines it represents.


Announcement and Call for Papers for International Forum in Peru

The FIT Committee for Legal Translation and Interpretation, in cooperation with the Colegio de Traductores del Perú (CTP), under the auspices of the International Federation of Translators and with the support of Universidad Femenina del Sagrado Corazón, Universidad Ricardo Palma, Universidad César Vallejo, and Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, will [...]

IMIA Salary Survey

IMIA requests that medical interpreters fill in a salary survey. Your answers will help IMIA determine the present conditions and emerging trends regarding salaries in the medical interpreter profession. The survey is designed to cover up to two jobs related to medical interpreting; answer for both if you like. Please [...]

February 2015 Translatio now online

The FIT Newsletter Translatio, edition February 2015, is now online. You will find it in the Publications menu.

Statement of support for Danish associations of professional translators

The FIT President, Dr. Henry Liu, has expressed his support for three Danish associations of professional translators and interpreters (Translatørforeningen, Kommunikation og Sprog, Danske Translatører) on behalf of the Federation. To read the letter, please click here.

Statement of solidarity with the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack

The International Federation of Translators is abhorred by the violence against the staff of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Like translators and interpreters, in conflict zones or otherwise, journalists should not be endangered, threatened, hurt or killed whilst carrying out their professional duties. The Federation expresses utmost sympathy to the family, [...]

Press Release from the President

On 3 August the triennial Statutory Congress of the International Federation of Translators – the voice of associations of translators, interpreters and terminologists around the world – elected the 17-member Council of the Federation for the period from 6 August 2014 until the conclusion of the FIT Congress in Brisbane [...]

ITD in New Zealand

New Zealand kicked off the celebration of International Translation Day with The Transparent Translator, organised in conjunction with the Goethe-Institut. Dr John Jamieson (German to English) and Ian Cormack (English into Te Reo Maori), members of NZSTI, translated sections of a brand new novel live at the National Library of [...]