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FIT (Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs / International Federation of Translators) is an international grouping of associations of translators, interpreters and terminologists. More than 100 professional associations and training institutes are affiliated, representing more than 80,000 translators in 55 countries. The goal of the Federation is to promote professionalism in the disciplines it represents.

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Tribute to Babel Honorary Editor Prof Dr Rene Haeseryn

Dear René, Ill health and age have finally caught up with you, even though you appeared ineradicable, persistent, always active, defending with passion and conviction both the CBTI(P) and FIT. It is always very painful to mark the departure of someone you have worked side by side with for so [...]

Council in Paris

Addressing Global, Regional and National issues from the seat of FIT Paris put on three gloriously sunny days to welcome home members of the current FIT Council for their annual face-to-face meeting, warmly hosted by SFT, one of the founding members of FIT. The meeting agenda included a number of [...]

April 2016 Translatio is now online

The new Translatio, April 2016, is online. Please disseminate to your members.  We take the opportunity to thank everybody who contributed to the Translatio survey sent out in January. The results provide a valuable source of information for the Translatio Task Force about the future direction of the publication. Please [...]

APTIF8: Reminder and New Email

FIT, the Translators' Association of China, Xi'an International Studies University and the APTIF8 Organizing Committee welcome you to join them at the Eighth Asia-Pacific Translation and Interpreting Forum (APTIF8) to be held in Xi'an, China on June 17-18, 2016. All the information related to the forum can be found at [...]

FIT welcomes back the Association of Iranian Translators and Interpreters

Iran has been an international hub of translation and interpreting throughout its long and proud history. The Association of Iranian Translators and Interpreters (AITI) joined FIT back in 2003. It was with tremendous regret that world events prevented AITI from fully participating in and contributing towards FIT and the wider [...]

January 2016 Translatio is now online

Download Translatio: January 2016.  Translatio has met with marked success over the past year. The number of downloads in the three months following publication has increased by 48%. There are more and more associations sending us articles on their events and the articles are becoming longer and longer. This goes [...]

Lima Declaration

At their regional meeting in October 2015 in Lima, the representatives of the Professional Associations that are members of the FIT Regional Centre Latin America adopted the following declaration on the quality of the training of translators, interpreters and terminologists in the region. We, the representatives of the Professional Associations [...]