Babel is a scholarly journal designed primarily for translators, interpreters and terminologists (T&I), yet of interest also for non-specialists concerned with current issues and events in the field (https://benjamins.com/#catalog/journals/babel/main).

The scope of Babel is intentional and embraces a multitude of disciplines built on the following pillars: T&I theory, practice, pedagogy, technology, history, sociology, and terminology management. Another important segment of this journal includes articles on the development and evolution of the T&I professions: new disciplines, growth, recognition, Codes of Ethics, protection, and prospects.

The creation of Babel was proposed on the initiative of Pierre-François Caillé, founding president of the Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs (FIT) and approved by the first FIT Congress of 1954 in Paris. Babel continues to be published for FIT and each issue contains a section dedicated to THE LIFE OF FIT.

Articles for Babel are normally published in English or French but we also accept articles in Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish.


Founding Editor

Pierre-François Caillé

Paris, France


Editor in chief

Frans De Laet

Meise, Belgium


Honorary Editor in chief

René Haeseryn

Ghent, Belgium


Publication Director

Henry Liu

Auckland, New Zealand



Sven Borei (chair)

Lerum, Sweden


Frans De Laet

Meise, Belgium


María Eugenia Cazenave

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Jonathan Downie

Edinburgh, United Kingdom



Anne-Marie Beukes

University of Johannesburg

Denis Louis Bousquet

Canadian Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters Council – Conseil des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes du Canada

Tze-Wei Chen

National Taiwan Normal University

Andrew K.F. Cheung

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Olga Egorova

Astrakhan State University

Izabel E.T. de V. Souza

Osaka University

Yves Gambier

European Society for Translation Studies

Nikolay Garbovskiy

Université d’État Lomonossov de Moscou

Adolfo Gentile

Monash University

Brian Harris

University of Valladolid

Ying He

Xi’an International Studies University

Youyi Huang

Translators Association of China

Peter W. Krawutschke

Western Michigan University

Benoît Kremer

Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence

Vlasta Kučiš

University of Maribor

Ken-fang Lee

National Taiwan Normal University

Miriam Lee

Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association

Wayne Wen-chun Liang

Hong Kong Baptist University

Yuhong Liu

Xi’an International Studies University

Sihui Mao

Shantou University

Rosanna Masiola

University for Foreigners Perugia

Roda Roberts

University of Ottawa

HaysSam Safar

Université de Mons

Gabriele Sauberer

TermNet, International Network for Terminology

Gabriela Scandura

Asociación Argentina de Traductores e Intérpretes

Said Shiyab

Kent State University USA

Graciela Steinberg

New York University

Miodrag Vukčević

University of Belgrade

Jun Xu

University of Nanjing

Bin Yao

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Meifang Zhang

University of Macau


BABEL 60:1


Étude sémiotique des techniques de traduction interlinguale: La traduction grecque de titres de films français

Evangelos Kourdis

The importance of political identification in translation publication: An example from translation of the Soviet laws in China

Dai Yong-jun and Piao Jin-feng

The development of an error typology to assess translation from English into Korean in class

Young Ouk Lee and Eddie Ronowicz

Community interpreting and translation in the Arab World: Status quo and strategies for change

Mustapha Taibi

Micro-function combination patterns and linguistic adequacy in specialised texts

Karin Vilar Sánchez

Literary translation – UNESCO collection of representative works

La traducción de letras de canciones en la web de aficionados Lyrics Translate.com

María José Hernández Guerrero

Journalistic transgression against Classical Arabic via translation

Mohammad Ahmad al-Kuran

Bibliographical and lexicographical information

Carmen Millán and Francesca Bartrina (eds): The Routledge Handbook of Translation Studies

Reviewed by Liu Lisheng

BABEL 60:2


Rhetorical dissonance of unsynchronized voices: Issues of voice-over in news broadcasts

Ali Darwish and Pilar Orero

Synchrony in the voice-over of Polish fiction genres

Katarzyna Sepielak and Anna Matamala

The translation of wordplay in interlingual subtitling: A study of Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis and its English subtitles

Lee Williamson and Raquel De Pedro Ricoy

Translating film titles: Quentin Tarantino, on difference and globalization

José Santaemilia Ruiz and Betlem Soler Pardo

Los estereotipos sociales a través del filtro de la traducción: Algunos referentes culturales en las traducciones de L’Élégance du hérisson de Muriel Barbery

Gemma Andújar Moreno

Revisión y propuesta de clasificación de corpus

Goretti Faya Ornia

Bibliographical and lexicographical information

Michael P. Oakes & Meng Ji (eds.) Quantitative Methods in Corpus-Based Translation Studies

Reviewed by Rongbo Fu

BABEL 60:3

This is a historic issue of Babel

Marion Boers


Henry Liu


Gender of cited authors: A problem for the English-Arabic translation of scholarly research

Jihad M. Hamdan and Yaser S. Natour

Thorny issues in translation. The case of The Thornbirds in the Spanish society of the seventies

Cristina Gómez Castro

The role of online translation tools in language education

Vlasta Kučiš and Sanja Seljan

The translation of identity on the frontera. Sandra Cisneros in Mexican Spanish, Galician and Catalan

Francisco Javier Díaz-Pérez

Rewriting the AUSIT Code of Ethics -- principles, practice, dispute

Uldis Ozolins

Ongoingly redesigning metacognitive questionnaires helping trainees to self-evaluate their translating

Francesc Fernandez and Marta Arumi Ribas

The life of FIT

FIT Council 2014-2017

Bibliographical and lexicographical information

Gu, Zhengyang A Theoretical Cultural Research into the Translation of Ancient Chinese Poems.

Reviewed by Cui Ying

BABEL 60:4


Neonyms for a crisis: Cognitive, terminological and socio-pragmatic aspects in the translation of new financial terms into Spanish

José Mateo

 Corpus stylistics of drama in drama translation studies — (Im)politeness in two Chinese versions of Miller’s Death of a Salesman

 Ren Xiaofei, Li Lanlan, Zhang Chuanrui, Lu Jing and Liu Feng

 El estilo del traductor en el tratamiento de las onomatopeyas del chino al español: el caso de la novela ¡Vivir!

Helena Casas-Tost

 Towards more positive environments: a Fieldwork on the importance of pragmalinguistics in mental health interpreting

Bruno Echauri Galván

Translation and Linguistic Recycle in Arabic

Sattar Izwaini

Candidatos a Traductor e Intérprete Oficial en Colombia: profesionales u oportunistas

Gabriel Quiroz Herrera and Juan Felipe Zuluaga Molina

Repairing sentences in translation from Italian to English: a Case study

Isobel Grave

The life of FIT

FIT website

Bibliographical and lexicographical information

Lennart Larsson (Ed.). Wörter – Büchlein. A German-Swedish-Polish-Latvian Dictionary Published in Riga in 1705.

Reviewed by Miodrag Vukčević

BABEL 61:1

Il était une fois une revue… BABEL

Frans De Laet

Sixty Years of FIT

René Haeseryn


The Simpsons: Visual phraseological units and translation

Gustavo A. Rodríguez Martín

Is each particle in the Qurʼān translatable? The case of wāw l-istiʼnāf preceding the fawāṣil

Yehudit Dror

Réécritures, variations, imitations et traductions sans original dans les œuvres de Joseba Sarrionandia

 Aiora Jaka

 A bibliometrical analysis of interpreting studies in China: Based on a database of articles published in the CSSCI/CORE journals in recent years

Binhua Wang

Venuti versus Nida: A representational conflict in translation theory

Halla Shureteh

The translators’ positioning in an institutional setting: A Singapore perspective

Susan Xu Yun

De la ficha terminológica a la ficha traductológica: hacia una lexicografía al servicio de la traducción jurídica

Fernando Prieto Ramos and Mariana Orozco Jutorán

The life of FIT

International Translation Day 2015

Bibliographical and lexicographical information

Juliane House (Ed.). Translation: A Multidisciplinary Approach.

Reviewed by Liang Wen-chun (Wayne)

Volker Schulz. Analytisch-evaluative Kritik der Űbersetzung von Erzählprosa: Eine Fallstudie zu Eva Schönfelds Űbersetzung von Doris Lessings Novelle The Fifth Child.

Reviewed by Horst Ruthrof

BABEL 61:2


La tolerancia a la ambigüedad y los procesos cognitivos del traductor

Alicia Bolaños Medina

Putting interpreting strategies in their place: Justifications for teaching strategies in interpreter training

Xiangdong Li

Big business of plagiarism under the guise of (re)translation: The case of Turkey

Mehmet Şahin, Derya Duman and Sabri Gürses

 Audience attitude and translation reception: The case of Genji Monogatari

 Thomas E. McAuley

 Metaphor and symbol: The portrait of Montezuma II in the work of W.H. Prescott and its translation into Spanish by J. Navarro

 Marina Díaz- Peralta, Gracia Pinero-Pinero, María J. García-Domínguez and Geraldine Boylan

 La crise hypothécaire et ses dénominations

Aurea Fernandez Rodriguez et Iolanda Galanes Santos

Evaluating slogan translation from the readers’ perspective: A case study of Macao

Lim Lily and Loi Kwok Ying

 The life of FIT

BABEL 61:3

Merci du fond du cœur…

Frans De Laet


The influence of speed on omissions in simultaneous interpretation: an experimental study

Alma Barghout, Lucía Ruiz Rosendo and Mónica Varela García

English-Chinese translation of financial terminology in Mainland China and Hong Kong

Clara Ho-yan Chan

Translation theory: myths, prejudices and realities

Rosa Agost and Pilar Ordóñez López

Translation oriented corpus-based contrastive linguistics

Riyadh Khalil Ibrahim

Translating political ideology: A case study of the Chinese translations of the English news headlines concerning South China Sea disputes on the website of www.ftchinese.com

Wu Guangjun and Zhang Huanyao  

Training translators through the use of audiovisual ads: Didactic exploitation and cultural implications

Mercedes Enríquez-Aranda and Nieves Jiménez Carra

The life of FIT

Conflict Zone ID Card

Bibliographical and lexicographical information

Carmen Valero-Garcés. Health, Communication and Multicultural Communities.

Reviewed by Paola Gentile

BABEL 61:4


Medical interpreting for business purposes and language access in ordinary hospitals in Korea

Sang-Bin Lee

Étude terminographique descriptive, systématique et bilingue dans le domaine des aliments fonctionnels et des nutraceutiques

Marie-Evelyne Le Poder

Film translation in China: Features and technical constraints of dubbing and subtitling English into Chinese

 Yu Haikuo

 The translation of proper nouns into Arabic: English fiction as an example

Mashael Al-Hamly and Mohammed Farghal

 Comparing original and translated Spanish: A corpus-based analysis of adjective position

Noelia Ramón

 A model of conference interpretation

Adil Al-Kufaishi

 The interpreter’s political awareness as a non-cognitive constraint in political interviews: A perspective of experiential meaning

Guo Yijun

 Two Korean translations of the Xiaoxue: Free translation or literal translation?

Wook-Dong Kim

 The life of FIT


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  • Published: 7 years ago on 29 May 2011