Reiner Heard (ATICOM)


Adolfo Gentile (AUSIT/AU)
Agnès Feltkamp (CBTI/BE)
Caroline Subra-Itsutsuji (SFT/FR)
Changqi Huang (observer) (TAC/CN)
Henry Liu (NZTI/NZ)
Izabel Arocha (IMIA/US)
Jeannette Insignares (ACTI/CO)
Jiri Stejskal (ATA/US)
Lidia Jeansallle (CTPCBA/AR)
Marion Boers (SATI/ZA)
Vigdis Lian (NO/NO)


FIT, 60 years old in 2013, has set up an Organisational Development Committee to review the federation's structures and make proposals for adapting them as necessary so that FIT is capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

Working plan:

The Committee has already started its work by engaging in an exchange on general principles. Now individual subject areas are being discussed in more detail, such as FIT's financial situation or its governance. The aim is to produce results (i.e. a general framework or even redrafted Bylaws) for the next Council meeting in Oslo in early 2013. If approved, the outcome will be distributed to the member associations, giving them about a year to examine the proposals and react to them. The ambitious goal is to get the new structure adopted by Congress in Berlin in July 2014.

The results of the 2012 FIT membership survey are being taken into account by the Committee. If you feel strongly about any aspects of FIT's role and structure and wish to bring them to the Committee's attention, please send an email to the FIT Secretariat ( or to the Committee Chair (

Activity report:

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  • Published: 6 years ago on 17 December 2012