Western Europe

Regular Members

Country Name Acronym
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Youth Translators Association AGTA
Bulgaria Bulgarian Translators' Union BTU
Czech Republic Union des Interprètes et Traducteurs de la République Tchèque et de la République Slovaque JTP
Czech Republic Czech Association of Conference Interpreters ASKOT
Czech Republic Chamber of the Court Appointed Interpreters and Translators of the Czech Republic KST ČR
Georgia Translators' and Interpreters' Association of Georgia TIAG-TIAMTA
Lithuania Lithuanian Association of Literary Translators LLVS
Poland Polish Society of Sworn and Specialised Translators TEPIS
Romania Romanian Translators Association ATR
Russia Union of Translators of Russia UTR
Slovakia Slovak Association of Translators and Interpreters SAPT
Slovakia Slovak Society of Translators of Scientific and Technical Literature SSPOL
Slovakia Slovak Literary Translators' Society SSPUL
Slovenia Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Slovenia DZTPS

Associate Members

Country Name Acronym
Czech Republic Charles University in Prague CUNI
Russia Moscow Institute of Linguistics MIL
Russia Higher School of Translation and Interpretation, Lomonosov Moscow State University HSTI
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