International Translation Day Poster Competition

2016 poster
2016 winner: Mica Karaman for CTPCBA, Argentina

See posters from former years

The International Federation of Translators in 2012 introduced a poster competition to promote International Translation Day (ITD), which is celebrated annually on 30 September. Each year member associations and other interested persons around the world will be encouraged to submit posters that promote ITD.

FIT's mission is to promote and be the voice of interpreters, translators and terminologists. This competition is one means of accomplishing our mission. The winning poster will be made freely available via the website and member associations and others can then print it out and use it for their ITD events. The copyright will belong to FIT.

Any individual or organisation – whether they are related to a FIT member or not – may participate in the competition. Individual members of any FIT member association or institution may submit a poster through their association or directly, and member associations or institutions may also commission an artist or an individual member with other special talents to produce an entry on their behalf.

Submissions must be received by the end of February. The submissions will relate to ITD in the following year. Entries must be submitted to the FIT Secretariat (

The FIT Council will vote on the best submission. The winners will be notified directly and the result published in March. (NOTE: Council members will excuse themselves from the vote if their association or a member from their association submits a poster)

SPECIFICATIONS for the poster:

  • The motif must be linked to the ITD theme for the year in question.
  • The ITD theme for the year in question must be included, either in English and French, or with the option of combining one of the FIT official languages with a local language(s).
  • The FIT logo and, if appropriate, the logo of the member association or institution, as well as a copyright indication must be included. The FIT logo to be used for the poster can be downloaded here.
  • The poster must be submitted as a high-resolution pdf file that can be published online or printed, as well as in jpg format at 300 dpi and 100 dpi. The dimensions must be suitable for printing in A2 or A3 format.
  • The poster must be localisable, i.e. it must either include no text that requires translation or must have all fonts embedded in the file so that the text can be changed as required. This is so that associations can produce the poster with a local language, if desired.
  • Designs must accommodate two languages.
  • Designs from preceding years can be found here.

Poster competition winners will receive the FIT ITD Prize, which will be a certificate and/or plaque, and where appropriate will have their association logo together with the FIT logo on the poster. Winners will be listed in the ITD section of the FIT website.

Download the communiqué for 2015 here

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