Since 2010 the activities of the FIT Secretariat have been expertly and professionally undertaken from Basel with Jeannette Ørsted at the rudder. During that period she was instrumental in transforming the secretariat from a traditional bricks and mortar office to a state-of-the-art virtual office of a global Federation open 24/7. The internet, social media and the cloud, now integral in the FIT infrastructure and activities, ensure a much better outreach, visibility and access than was possible when snail mail and telephony were the primary means of communication. Electronic virtual meetings across all 24 time zones have become commonplace and a constant exchange of information and ideas is possible via the full gambits of electronic communications within Task Forces, Committees, the Executive Committee and the Council. Jeannette was also a key driving force in the e-groups - a vital link between members through the yahoo and google groups which are open to members.
Along with all the traditional and essential administrative tasks like keeping track of members, old, new and candidates, the Secretariat played key roles in two Statutory Congresses in San Francisco (2011) and Berlin (2014), EC-meetings during the 2010-2014 mandate and attended Council meetings as an ex-officio member throughout her tenure.
Jeannette Ørsted joined FIT in 1995 when she was elected the first chairperson of the Regional Centre Europe (RCE) which subsequently become FIT Regional Centre for Europe (commonly known as FIT Europe). She held the chair until 2001 and was a driver in the first projects of the RCE in co-operation with the EU within the framework of the European Translation Platform and the POSI Project (Praxis-Orientierte-Studien-Inhalt) at the time when universities all over Europe were working on implementing the Bologna reforms by restructuring translation studies into the Bachelor + Master's framework whilst introducing an important element of communication into the new curriculum. These initiatives aimed at making translators' training compatible with market demands in a changing environment, also heavily influenced by the implementation of language technology and the requirement for shorter turn-around times in the market. During this period she was elected as a FIT Council member.
Her work for the RCE was closely connected with her work as President of the Danish association Erhvervssprogligt Forbund (now Kommunikation og Sprog) where she actively promoted improved working conditions and salaries for in-house translators and language graduates in the public sector also heading initiatives to improve the status of the profession through close co-operation with translators' departments in universities in Denmark.
Jeannette Ørsted has a Master of Translation and a Master of Public Administration from the Copenhagen Business School, where she also taught part of the Master of Language Administration programme.
FIT wishes to thank Jeannette Ørsted for everything she has done in her many capacities in FIT since 1995. She has contributed much to the Federation and to the wider profession. FIT regrets her decision to leave nevertheless wishes her well in her future endeavours.
Mange tak!

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  • Published: 2 years ago on 25 August 2016