Bad Payers Project

The Steering Committee of FIT-Europe (the Regional Centre Europe of the
International Federation of Translators) decided that we should promote a
number of practical projects with the aim of enhancing cooperation and
exchanges of information between FIT’s member associations in Europe.

One of those projects is the exchange of information on how to chase bad payers in countries other than our own.

Although most companies and individuals that ask for translation
services are reliable enough, there is still a small percentage of them
who do not observe the agreed payment terms and conditions. The national
associations have an important role in sharing information about the
steps that every translator should take before accepting a job and also
informing their affiliates about the resources that can be used to claim
these debts at national level. Every association has experience in
dealing with these problems locally but sometimes we do not have all the
information that we need in order to claim a debt in a different

Since one of the aims of FIT-Europe is to promote the exchange of
information between its members, we have started the Bad Payers Project.
Our goal is to compile all the useful information that the national
associations have about their own country and to share it with the rest
of members of FIT-Europe so that we may all be aware of the resources
that are available in Europe to claim a debt in a different country. For
this reason, we would kindly ask you to send to all the information about payment practices that you think could be useful for us:
– standard letters demanding payment in your language,
– information about Small Claims Court procedures,
– useful addresses and tips for claiming a debt in your country, etc.

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  • Published: 6 years ago on 24 March 2012