QT21 Project

FIT is taking part in the three-year QT21 project (February 2015-February 2018), which is part of the EU Horizon 2020 framework.

Led by The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, the QT21 project addresses language barriers within Europe that hinder the flow of information.

Learn more by following the topics we post from time to time on the QT21 blog (below). We invite you to contribute by commenting on the posts.


Limits of MT from CNRS, a QT21 partner - March 2017

An article has been published by a partner of QT21, CNRS, which was written by François Yvon on the subject of MT.  Read more here

About QT21 - February 2017

There is now available a short article about QT21, based on the November 2016 presentation by Eleanor Cornelius at the 38th Translating and the Computer conference in London. Read more here

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