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Present MT-development status

[Discussion open] What is the present MT-development status? To what extent are human translators still required?

January 17, 2018  /  2 Comments ››

A question of ethics

[Discussion open} A question of ethics: Which guidelines are applied by MT companies with regard to using third-party translations?

January 15, 2018  /  2 Comments ››

Cooperative development models

[Discussion open] We believe that MT can only be truly successful if developers do not work in isolation, but in cooperation with translators.

January 13, 2018  /  1 Comment ››

MT quality metrics

[Discussion open] MT quality metrics seem to study each segment in isolation, while an assessment of whether a professional translation is fit for purpose will normally consider the text as a whole.

January 11, 2018  /  1 Comment ››

MT and translation quality

[Discussion open] It seems that MT developers are not really in tune with what translators would like to have.

January 9, 2018  /  3 Comments ››

Language combinations

Which language combinations yield the best results in Google Translate?

November 29, 2017  /  1 Comment ››

How does Google Translate (and similar tools) actually work?

Our first set of questions centers around how does Google Translate (and similar tools) actually work?

November 7, 2017  /  9 Comments ››

About Aljoscha Burchardt

Hello everybody, It is a pleasure for me to be …

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Invitation to translators: your experiences with technology

  Dear members of the FIT family, we are very …

May 9, 2017  /  9 Comments ››

Limits of MT – from a QT21 partner (CNRS)

The following is the beginning of an article published about …

March 12, 2017  /  Comments Off on Limits of MT – from a QT21 partner (CNRS)