Rules and nominations.
Task forces.

Committees and task forces are key elements of FIT. Through them, FIT drives its actions, communicates and gets involved for the good of the translation and interpreting profession. The Statutory Congress 2014 modified the rules for committees and set up some task forces to improve efficiency.

The following Standing Committees are currently in operation:

FIT task forces are subject to the FIT Task Force and Standing Committee Guidelines.

Some permanent committees were retained for cases in which there is no imposed time limit. However, to renew the teams and maintain the work dynamics, there will be a call for applications and elections every three years, and there is a limit of three 3-year terms for participants.

From the FIT Rules of Procedure:


The Statutory Congress or the Council may establish a limited number of standing committees, especially for Admissions, the Solidarity Fund and to oversee the FIT investments. Standing committees shall not have any budget and shall hold virtual meetings.

The FIT annual budget and accounts submitted to all member organisations in terms of Articles 45 and 46 of the By-laws shall include an item “FIT Task Forces/Standing Committees”.

Chairpersons and other members of task forces/standing committees shall be appointed to these bodies for a maximum of three consecutive terms of office.