Addressing Global, Regional and National issues from the seat of FIT

Paris put on three gloriously sunny days to welcome home members of the current FIT Council for their annual face-to-face meeting, warmly hosted by SFT, one of the founding members of FIT.

The meeting agenda included a number of important issues.  In particular, the Council devoted considerable time evaluating and addressing the need for redirecting additional resources towards supporting and furthering the activities of the Regional Centres.

The council resolved to lay down new infrastructure to ensure better communications, improved transparency and greater accountability across the Federation. During the very constructive debate, the council emphasised that all experts representing the Federation at local, regional, national and international level are properly mandated and supported.

The Federation and its Council saw with delight the fruits of three new Initiatives of this mandate. The Association Building and Development Task Force, led by Eleanor Cornelius and Ismayil Jabrayilov presented a comprehensive Handbook on how to set up  professional associations for translators, interpreters and terminologists suitable for implementation in many different countries and conditions.

This will be a most valuable addition to resources for accomplishing one of the key aims of our By-laws, article 4d, 4e and 4g, addressing specific aspects of running a professional association.

The truly global ISO standing committee presented its first position paper, on ISO 37100, drawing on expertise from across the Federation. This will further strengthen FIT’s unique position and reputation and that of the position of our ISO representative, Izabel de Souza, in the upcoming deliberation on this ISO standard.

Exactly one year after our Baku meeting where we saw the first FIT position paper, that on crowdsourcing, now translated into German thanks to the BDÜ, the Research Task Force presented a revised version. Consultation also begins on a Machine Translation position paper. The Federation looks forward to future position papers pertinent to our profession and our clients, produced by our FIT think tank.

The Council also heard encouraging and exciting updates from Alison Rodriguez, responsible for our triennial Congress in Brisbane in 2017, and Gangyi Wang, for our triennial Asia Pacific Translators and Interpreters Forum later this year in Xi’an, where the EC will be presiding.

Efforts to further publicise International Translators Day, now in its 25th incarnation, are afoot.  A contemporary design won the day for the ITD poster among excellent competition and a new Task Force was formed to collaborate with UNESCO.

Finally, yet again, the Council wishes to thank SFT, in particular President Björn Bratteby, Vice President Laurence Cuzzolin and Secretary General Pauline Joustra, for their part in hosting three hectic yet productive days, and for looking after the observers whose contributions represented FIT members from around the world. For more information about the inter-organisations meeting organised by SFT in parallel with the Council meeting, please see the joint SFT-FIT press release. During this event, several key players in the translation field in France contributed some examples of cooperation.

The Council will meet face to face in 12 months in Ottawa thanks to the kind invitation from our CTTIC colleagues, and virtually with a teleconference scheduled in September.

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  • Published: 6 years ago on 9 April 2016