Calendar for representatives of FIT (FIT Council members, Regional Centre representatives) to indicate where and when they will be representing FIT or another organisation, whether funded by FIT or externally. This is to keep other FIT representatives informed and for auditing purposes in relation to internal and external funding.

Please contact the FIT Webmaster for instructions on how to edit the calendar.

For each event, please provide the following information:

Add the event as “[your name] at [event/location]”
In the event details (“edit event”), enter:
– Name:
– Contact email:
– Organisation: (e.g. FIT Council, FIT Europe, etc.)
– Representing: (e.g. FIT or another organisation)
– Details: (purpose of visit, who invited you, etc.)
– Funded by:
– Cost: (if unknown, provide an approximation or write “unknown”)

  • Published: 5 years ago on 29 March 2016