A question of ethics: Which guidelines are applied by MT companies with regard to using third-party translations? No code of conduct seems to exist in this regard. However, it does not seem fair to re-use translations without permission and remuneration. Separate issue for blog – invite LSPs to comment and respond.

  • Published: 3 ans ago on 15 janvier 2018


  1. Eleanor Cornelius dit :

    It would be good if LSPs could share their thoughts on the issue of third-party translations!

  2. Aljoscha Burchardt dit :

    … if I may add. This question is a general question that needs to be asked in many areas where digital transformation changes people’s roles. For example, already today, machines can interpret MRT scans more reliably than doctors in certain areas and it may well become mandatory one day tp use these tools. This raises the question: Whose diagnosis is it after all?