Present MT-development status

(English) [Discussion open] What is the present MT-development status? To what extent are human translators still required?

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A question of ethics

(English) [Discussion open} A question of ethics: Which guidelines are applied by MT companies with regard to using third-party translations?

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Cooperative development models

(English) [Discussion open] We believe that MT can only be truly successful if developers do not work in isolation, but in cooperation with translators.

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MT quality metrics

(English) [Discussion open] MT quality metrics seem to study each segment in isolation, while an assessment of whether a professional translation is fit for purpose will normally consider the text as a whole.

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Language combinations

[Discussion open] Which language combinations yield the best results in Google Translate?

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Projet QT21

Tel qu’indiqué dans le numéro 4/2015 de Translatio, la FIT …

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Projet QT21

La FIT participe au projet triennal QT21 (février 2015-février 2018) …

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