Ainur Karbazova, NBT's UK representative, and FIT President Kevin Quirk during discussions in festive London.

On 19 December 2018, FIT Council, chaired by the President Mr Kevin Quirk, approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the International Federation of Translators (FIT) and the National Bureau of Translations of Kazakhstan (NBT) to establish a partnership aimed to exchange knowledge and experience, promote recognition of the professions of translator, interpreter and terminologist, enhance the status of translators in society, and to promote translation as a science and an art.

In pursuing this good cause, FIT and NBT will be guided by the Recommendation for the Protection and Improvement of the Legal and Social Status of Translations and Translators, adopted by UNESCO in 1976, and the Translator's Charter, revised in 1994, which specifies the rights and duties of translators.

FIT and NBT have also agreed to share common objectives in promoting quality and professionalism in literary translation and copyright including:

- encouraging research on literary translation practice and training

- providing a platform for the exchange of information related to the education and training of professional literary translators as well as to the practice of the professions

- encouraging a general increase in awareness of literary translation, quality and copyright

- encouraging the establishment of a translators’ association in the Republic of Kazakhstan

- highlighting the importance of translating a central canon of works of world literature in order to promote widespread understanding of thinking and other cultures

- promoting translation grants, residencies and prizes associated with NBT amongst FIT membership and associate membership

- holding dedicated panels and workshops on literary translation and copyrights issues, research and continuing education during the FIT triennial World Congresses

- cooperating in the field of training and professional development, organising joint initiatives and publications

  • Published: 2 ans ago on 21 décembre 2018