International Translation Day – 30 September 2012

Translation as Intercultural Communication

Happy International Translation Day! The International Federation of Translators salutes all translators, interpreters and terminologists for their contribution to bridging the communication divide.

It is also our pleasure to announce the winner of the first FIT competition for a poster to promote next year’s theme for International Translation Day. The winner is the South African Translators’ Institute (SATI) and the artist is Ms Naomi Dinur. Congratulations to them both! The FIT Council felt that this entry portrays the 2013 theme of “Beyond Linguistic Barriers – A United World” in a way that also takes into account different cultural characteristics.

The poster is available to all to use as widely as possible for the year to come to draw the attention to International Translation Day 2013.

The competition attracted a number of entries, which was gratifying for the first year in which it was held. FIT would like to thank all who contributed. Five entries were received using the 2013 theme, from APTIC (Spain), ATIPCO (Congo), IAPTI (Argentina) and TAC (China) in addition to SATI, and two with the 2012 theme,  from SSPOL (Slovakia) and Cornelia Diefenbach (Germany). The poster submitted by SSPOL was selected to be used for 2012.

The 2014 poster competition will open in March 2013 and we look forward to receiving many entries.

Download the poster below.
Read the 2012 ITD Communiqué.

  • Published: 10 years ago on 4 April 2012