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FIT Mundus

FIT has 128 regular, associate and observer members in 65 countries, representing more than 88,000 translators, terminologists and interpreters

 Region  Members  Associates  Observers 
 Europe 57  representing 28,166 TTIs*  15 
 Africa | Afrique  representing 315 TTIs*  
 North America | Amérique du Nord   representing 14,411 TTIs*  
 Latin America | Amérique latine 15  representing 7,086 TTIs*  
 Asia | Asie 13  representing 36,347 TTIs*  11 
 Oceania | Océanie  representing 1,293 TTIs*  
 Global  92  representing 87,618 TTIs*  28 
* Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters. These numbers are estimates and likely underrepresent the actual numbers

Not a member?

If your association is not a member of FIT (yet), click here to find out how to become a member. If you are a translator or interpreter whose association hasn't joined FIT yet, remind your president!