Stronger Regional Centres, Stronger Federation

FIT Europe and FIT LatAm Regional Centres held their respective General Assemblies concurrently with key visibility events in Brussels and Lima.

On a sun soaked Saturday in Brussels, the President took this opportunity to meet with all members of FIT Europe and gave a talk highlighting the factors uniting FIT Europe and the importance of taking the lead in wider regional issues like EU procurement policy and translation and interpreting in refugee determination process. There was also “President’s Question Time” where members of FIT Europe raised important questions on policy, governance and funding.

In buzzing and colourful Lima, all members of FIT LatAm agreed on the importance of education and government support and jointly signed the Lima Declaration during the XII International Forum on Legal Translation and Interpreting.

On official visits, the President accompanied by Regional Centre Presidents and local members met with:

  • AIIC and Red T, partners of advocacy effort on behalf of conflict zone interpreters
  • The Head of Translation Service in NATO
  • The Head of Interpreting Service in NATO
  • Director General of Translation at the European Commission
  • The Head of Unit (Professional and Organisational Development) at DG Translation
  • The President of ENPSIT
  • The Deputy Rector of UNIFE, host of the XII International Forum, discussing areas of common interest and possible future collaboration
  • The Head of Translation and Interpreting Department of César Vallejo University
  • Students of both universities, outlining the work of FIT, the future of the profession and the importance of multidisciplinary training
  • Senior officials of Peruvian Ministries for Foreign Affairs and for Culture

FIT is confident that local partners will continue building on relationships built during the official visits.

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  • Published: 6 years ago on 26 October 2015