FIT is taking part in the three-year QT21 project (February 2015-February 2018), which is part of the EU Horizon 2020 framework. Led by The German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, the QT21 project addresses language barriers within Europe that hinder the flow of information. Learn more by following the topics we post from time to time on the QT21 blog (below). We invite you to contribute by commenting on the posts.


Aljoscha Burchardt - November 2017

Questions, answers and online discussions with a senior researcher at DFKI.

Present MT-development status

[Discussion open] What is the present MT-development status? To what extent are human translators still required?

A question of ethics

[Discussion open} A question of ethics: Which guidelines are applied by MT companies with regard to using third-party translations?

Cooperative development models

[Discussion open] We believe that MT can only be truly successful if developers do not work in isolation, but in cooperation with translators.

MT quality metrics

[Discussion open] MT quality metrics seem to study each segment in isolation, while an assessment of whether a professional translation is fit for purpose will normally consider the text as a whole.

MT and translation quality

[Discussion open] It seems that MT developers are not really in tune with what translators would like to have.

About Aljoscha Burchardt

Hello everybody, It is a pleasure for me to be afforded this opportunity of discussing some of our shared interests in this forum, the QT21 blog on the FIT webpage….

Invitation to translators: your experiences with technology - May 2017

Dear members of the FIT family, we are very interested to learn how – and to what extent - you, as translators, engage with technology when you perform your daily duties (carry out your translation tasks). Please share your thoughts with us and voice your concerns and frustrations, but also your joys. You can also tell us what you think about machine translation.

Limits of MT from CNRS, a QT21 partner - March 2017

An article has been published by a partner of QT21, CNRS, which was written by François Yvon on the subject of MT.  Read more here

About QT21 - February 2017

There is now available a short article about QT21, based on the November 2016 presentation by Eleanor Cornelius at the 38th Translating and the Computer conference in London. Read more here

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  • Published: 4 years ago on 1 October 2015