At present there are 3 regional centres:

  • FIT Europe
    FIT Europe is a regional branch of the International Federation of Translators. It currently represents 52 European associations of translators and interpreters.
  • FIT Latin America
    FIT LatAm was organized in 2003 under the name Regional Centre Latin America (CRAL) to serve the interests of FIT members and to facilitate, promote and support the aims and efforts of FIT as a whole, pursuant to the Mission Statement for the establishment of FIT Regional Centres and for FIT Regional Centre activities, as adopted by the FIT Executive Committee in Brussels (January 1998) and ratified by the FIT Council in Geneva (April 1998).
  • FIT North America / FIT Amérique du Nord
    The new Regional Center FIT North America has been launched on December 12th 2012.

The principle of subsidiarity, as applied to the Regional Centres in accordance with Article 38 of the FIT Bylaws, is explained in this memo adopted by the FIT Council:

The Principle of Subsidiarity in the FIT Context: Memo approved by the FIT Council in Ottawa on 18 March 2017