FIT Council has decided that the FIT Statutory Congress and the FIT World Congress in Varadero, Cuba, on 30–31 May and 1–3 June 2022, respectively, will go ahead as planned.

Rules and nominations.
Standing Committees.

Committees and task forces are key elements of FIT. Through them, FIT drives its actions, communicates and gets involved for the good of the translation and interpreting profession. You will find a list of current and archived task forces below.

The following Task Forces are currently operational:

FIT task forces are subject to the FIT Task Force and Standing Committee Guidelines.

The Statutory Congress 2014 modified the rules for committees and set up some task forces to improve efficiency. For the most part, the former committees had very wide and sometimes nebulous objectives, often too ambitious for a small team of volunteers. The new task forces have more limited and well-defined tasks to be completed within a fairly short time frame (from 6 months to a year, renewable where necessary). The teams have a simplified structure so as to become operational quickly. Once the work is completed, the task force will be disbanded and its members free to take part in another assignment. In this way, participation in a task force is no longer unlimited.

From the FIT Rules of Procedure:


Task forces with a defined objective may be established at any time by either the Statutory Congress or the Council, at their own initiative or at the request of three or more regular members. The body establishing a new task force shall appoint three members to it, who shall elect a chairperson from among their own number.

The task force shall be free to appoint additional members with the agreement of the Council and of the associations to which the new members belong. All task force members shall have a mandate from their association.

The term of office of a task force shall be defined on its establishment. It may be renewed more than once by a Council decision.

Each task force shall draw up a programme of work indicating how the task it has been given is to be achieved. Half-way through its term of office the task force shall inform the Council of the progress made.

Each task force shall submit a budget together with its programme of work; the Council shall grant funds and authorise their release in accordance with the budget and after consulting the FIT Treasurer.


Chairpersons and other members of task forces/standing committees shall be appointed to these bodies for a maximum of three consecutive terms of office.