The aim of this Task-Force is to produce a set of documents giving an overview of considerations for establishing new TI associations and principles of good governance.


  • Constitution/governing structures (will depend on local requirements)
  • Services/benefits to members (incl CPD)
  • External relations (authorities, other TI associations, related associations, trainers, etc)
  • Financial resources
  • Codes of ethics/conduct and disciplinary procedures

The Task Force has completed its initial mandate in publishing the Guide for Establishing a New Translators' Association. FIT members and their members are encouraged to disseminate this guide widely, especially in areas where no translation associations exist and a need is identified.


Eleanor Cornelius (FIT Council liaison, SATI), South Africa E-mail
Ismayil Jabrayilov (team leader, FIT Council, AGTA), Azerbaijan E-mail
Wolf Baur (BDÜ), Germany E-mail
Marion Boers (SATI), South Africa E-mail

Withdrew in December 2015: Leticia Martinez (CTPBA), Argentina E-mail

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