The mandate for the former committee of the same name will be changed to identify more realistic tasks. A feasibility study for a FIT on-line training platform is under consideration.

Former mandate:

  • To develop a repository of training opportunities.
  • To develop guidelines on minimal requirements for programs that train and programs that certify translators, interpreters and terminologists.
  • To develop guidelines on continuing professional development (CPD), including the creation and maintenance of a CPD system.
  • To investigate the feasibility of an international CPD network under the auspices of FIT.


Olga Egorova (Chair, FIT Council, UTR), Russia E-mail
Vadim Sdobnikov (UTR), Russia E-mail
Analia Bogdan (CTPCBA), Argentina E-mail
Hannelore Lee-Jahnke (CIUTI), Switzerland E-mail
Thelma Ferry (APTI), Panama E-mail
Emma Garcia (CONALTI), Venezuela E-mail
Jozef Stefcik (SSPOL), Slovakia E-mail
Marian S. Greenfield (ATA), USA E-mail
Dorota Staniszewska-Kowalak (TEPIS), Poland E-mail

Activity reports (formerly the Education and Development Committee):
Report for 2015

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