FIT Council has decided that the FIT Statutory Congress and the FIT World Congress in Varadero, Cuba, on 30–31 May and 1–3 June 2022, respectively, will go ahead as planned.


Mao Sihui (FTIM, Macao, E-mail


Zhang Meifang (FTIM), Macao, E-mail 
Yifeng Sun (TAC), Hong Kong, E-mail
Margaret D’Silva (ATA), USA, E-mail 
Douglas Robinson (FTIM), Canada, E-mail
Hu Gengshen (FTIM), Macao, E-mail
James Jian Li (FTIM), Macao, E-mail
Ken-Fang LEE (FTIM), Macao, E-mail
Leticia Ana Martinez (CTPCBA), Argentina, E-mail
Marita del Carmen Propato (AATI), Argentina, E-mail


  • To organize regional meetings/seminars/workshops as a platform for
    scholars and practitioners in translation and cultural studies to meet
    and exchange ideas and experience in both research and teaching
  • To participate in international conferences, forums and projects concerning TCS
  • To assist national associations in TCS-related projects and tasks
  • To promote interdisciplinary studies in translation, culture and
    communication (esp. the translation of visual texts such film,
    television and advertising)

Activity reports:

  • Published: 11 years ago on 30 April 2011