(Translation Technology and Terminology Committee)


Silvia Cerrella Bauer (ASTTI), Switzerland, E-mail


Maria Victoria Tuya (CTPCBA), Argentina, E-mail 
Fátima De Silva (Conalti), Venezuela, E-mail 
Yu Jingsong (TAC), Canada, E-mail 


  • To keep track of changes in the general direction of translation technology and new products that are available world-wide to translators and to inform FIT member associations in this regard.
  • To disseminate useful terminological information for all FIT member associations and other interested parties in electronic form.
  • To centralise for the benefit of FIT and its members terminology-related public documents (surveys, glossaries, etc.) that are currently available through various channels, this work would need to be done in cooperation with terminology associations and with due regard to copyright.

  • Published: 8 years ago on 27 April 2011