For financial reasons, the ID Card project is to be suspended unto a further issuing method can be found.

The translator's identification card is issued by the ITF upon request to any translator, interpreter or terminologist who is a member of an affiliate association of the ITF.

An official document recognized around the world, the card is issued by the ITF as an international- organisation member of UNESCO.

It certifies that the holder is a professional translator, interpreter or terminologist.

Requests for the card are to be sent first to the affiliate association of the ITF, or, if this association is unable to process the request, directly to the ITF secretariat.

The fee to issue the card is $30.00 US. The card is valid for 6 years.

If you are interested in receiving this card, please complete the application form and send it either to your association or to the ITF secretariat.

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  • Published: 8 years ago on 28 May 2011