Finding the words for a world in crisis – Celebrating International Translation Day in 2020

The International Federation of Translators (FIT) proudly announces the WINNER of its annual poster competition commemorating International Translation Day (ITD) each 30 September.

This year’s winning design was entered by Liza Gunenko, a 24-year-old designer with a strong foothold in the world of translation, terminology and interpreting too.

Born in Russia, Gunenko lived for 8 years in Egypt, returning to Russia at the age of 18. She first began to study translation and interpreting and then undertook three-year vocational training in art and design after having been interested in drawing since around the age of 12.

Following her art and design training, Gunenko has started taking commissions. Her main experience has been in logo and user interface/experience design as well as in creating illustrations and game assets.

Gunenko now also has a specialist degree in translation and interpreting. Her languages are Russian, English, Spanish and Arabic.

When asked about how the winning design was created, Gunenko replied:

”I recollected an image of the coronavirus, which I lately saw so many times in news, videos and websites.

It occurred to me that any virus consists of such a whole, complex world that resembles ours, though small, where in order to function each element plays its own role. Its glycoprotein spikes, which promote entry into cells, reminded me of some sort of creatures which help the virus to enter and occupy our big planet.

So, on the other side, people all over the world have to stand together and face the virus, while translators and interpreters serve as the connecting link between them and make their bond even stronger through achieving communication and understanding.”

All FIT member associations are encouraged to use the poster in their communication promoting ITD. The poster as well as two banner version with the same motif that can be used in email signatures and on web pages are available for download on the FIT website.

  • Published: 2 years ago on 29 August 2020